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First Middle Last Name       
Birth Date
Social Sec No.
State & Driver Lic No.
Date Exp.
 ID Address:
Date ID Issued
 Web Site Address:
E-mail Address - Personal            
Email address Work
Mobile Phone
Home Phone
Fax No.

Provide Proof of Current Income/ Business Card/ Resume Helpful / Explain if unemployed / If self-employed, business license, tax returns, and bank records; if Student, provide copy of student ID, student loan statement and list of enrolled classes.

Current Employment / Income
Previous Employment / 2nd Job
Employed by
Business Address
Employer Phone
Type of Business
Employment Date
 From to
 From to
Income Per Month
 $ Check/Cash/Direct Dep
 $ Check/Cash/Direct Dep
Days & Hours
Other Income

Provide copy of present Rental Agreement. Letter of recommendation from landlord is helpful

Current Address House/Apt No.
Prior Address          
Street Address
City, State & Zip
Dates of Stay
 From to
 From to
Rent Due Date
Monthly Rent
 $ Check/Cash
 $ Check/Cash
Landlord Name
Landlord Phone No.
Landlord email address
Name of roommates
Why moving?
1. Why do you like my property?
2. How is condition of my property?

Additional Occupants (Over 18 years should complete separate application)

First Middle Last Name
Birth Date
Phone No. or Social Sec No.
Relationship to Applicant
Years Known

Available Funds to Move In (Provide Bank Statements)

Bank's Name
Account in Name of
Account No.
Date Opened

Auto Loans/Other Loans/Credit Cards

Bank's Name
High Credit Limit
Mon Payment

Home Utility Bills/Phone Bills/Other Monthly Payments

Name of Company
Account in name of
Balance Owed
Mon Payment

Personal References/Nearest Relatives/Close Friends

First Name Last Name
Address & Zip
Phone No.

Automobile/Motorcycle/Truck/Van/Boats/Rv's (Provide current registration and proof of auto insurance)

License No.
Registered Owner

Applicant declares under penalty of perjury that all the information given on this application is true, correct and complete, and hereby authorizes periodic updating and verification of all references and facts, obtaining Unlawful Detainer, Court Records, Employment, Income, Account Verification, Bounced check checks, background checks (Investigative Consumer Report) that concerns your character, reputation, personal characteristics, criminal history and Credit Reports. Applicant hereby waives any claims and releases from liability any person providing or obtaining said verification. Applicant also agrees to pay for said verifications and knows such payment is a part of the application process and is a charge for the administrative cost of application consideration. Submitted application and supporting documents are not returnable and becomes property of Management Company. Applicant authorizes sharing of above information among his/her co-applicants. Applicant and landlord may withdraw their offer to rent or rent out this rental property at any time before singing the lease agreement which landlord and applicant's liability is limited to application fee, hereby not to exceed $25. Landlord has a set of standard eligibility and documentation requirements for qualification that may cause this application to be declined, and in case of multiple applications most qualified applicant will be given the priority for approval. Rental property will be in the market and potentially others will apply and be considered for this rental up to the time that tenant and landlord have successfully signed the lease agreement and funds are negotiated. This application will be incorporated into and part of Lease Agreement. Any misrepresentation or omission made in this application will cause the denial of this application, shall constitute a non-curable breach of lease Agreement and applicant may be charged additionally for damages and investigation of false statements. We reserve the right to substantiate submitted documents. Incomplete application will delay your approval. Original signature is required to process this application.
The undersigned hereby applies to lease Apartment No. at for $ per month. A non-refundable Application fee of $25.00 is hereby submitted as tenant's screening fee to validate, review and/or process this application. This fee should be paid or transferred per instruction through our site www.adoringHome.com or by clicking here .

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This application will not transfer electronically. Please print and either mail, email using secure email or bring it with you at your appointment.