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Get New Locks when you move into a previously occupied dwelling. You have no way to know who has access to your home.
Donít Hide Key outside the home. If you can hide it, a burglar can find it. Leave an extra key with a trusted neighbor. Install Quality Locks on all doors. Install deadbolt locks on all exterior doors. Lock the doors whenever you leave, even for a few minutes.
Donít Allow Strangers to Enter your home without proper ID. People on legitimate business will gladly show theirs.
Report Broken Street Lights near your home. Working lights reduce burglarís hiding places.
Donít Leave Home and Car Keys Together with attendants at parking lots. House keys can be duplicated and your address obtained from your plate number.
Donít Give Information to strangers on the phone. On wrong- number calls donít tell the caller your phone number. Report continued wrong numbers to phone company.
Use Metal Grillwork over decorative glass in and around entry doors. Burglars will break the glass and reach in to unlock the door.
Strangers Loitering when in the neighborhood or people asking vague questions about your neighbors and their whereabouts should be reported to the police.
Store Ladders Inside or locked securely outside. Suggest your neighbors do the same.
Put Things Away Items left on the lawn porch or other easily accessed areas will be stolen.
Close Garage Doors when home or away. Opened, and empty, indicate an empty home and offers access to entry hidden from street.
Lock Up when working in attic, cellar or other area away from main portion of home.
Secure Sliding Doors with a piece of wood placed on inside track to prevent opening from outside.
Use Lights Effectively Keep lights on in different areas of the house when you go out. Exterior perimeter lighting eliminates hiding places.
Upgrade Window Locks Often overlooked but integral to maintaining a secure home.
Vary Your Routine to keep burglars from being able to know when you will be away.
Single Women should never place full name on the mailbox. Your first and middle initial should be used rather than ďMissĒ or ďMrs.Ē
Keep Few Valuables in your home. Money, jewelry, furs, etc. are safer in a storage vault or safe deposit box.
Keep Mailbox Empty If you are away make arrangements with a neighbor to retrieve your mail, or
have delivery stopped while away.
Check References of anyone working in your home while youíre away.
Have Lawns Mowed and yard work taken care of while on vacation.
Stop All Deliveries while on vacation. Notify a trusted neighbor of the length of your trip.
Donít Discuss Your Absence in public, and donít give details of your trip to newspapers.
Move Valuables so they canít be seen from porch windows. Be sure to have a list of small appliances and valuables.
Arrange Inspection by a trusted neighbor if you will be gone for more than a few days.
Donít Close Blinds, lower shades or do other things that advertise the house is empty.
Alter Lighting Pattern Have a neighbor change the pattern of your timer-controlled lights for a portion of your vacation.
In Case Of Burglary a neighbor should know how to reach you and your insurance agent. This information should be given to police when reporting the break-in.

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