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Qualifications and FAQ

Qualification and bases for approval

We are looking for three criterions for approval 1) Income History 2) Rental History 3) Payment or Credit History.
If you have long established rental history, enough income history and a good payment/credit history, we want you.

We also like to see you are ready, willing and able to move. READY means, you have given your notice to move, have few places that you have applied for and you have packed and ready to move. WILLING is, you have accepted our property and willing to move-in now. ABLE means, you have enough money to pay your security deposit, your new monthly rent including all utilities and all other monthly bills.


How do I sign my application to rent?
We do accept e-signature with Adobe Reader x, PDF documents to process your application to rent. Click here for more info.

How do I email you my ID?
Please take a good photo of your driver license with your cell phone and text or email it to us as an attachment.

What form of proof of income do you accept?
We consider pay stubs, business cards, permit and business license, professional licenses or certificates, personal and business tax returns, 1099, W2s, online bank statements/e-statements, and credit card online statements or e-statements.

Do you accept co-signer?
Yes, we do consider co-signer however co-signer is not a guaranteed reason for approval, we need completed application and supporting documents from applicant/occupant first. Here's the link to cosigner application.

I have poor credit history. Should I apply for your rental?

Yes, if you have good income history and good rental history, please do fill out the application completely, we will try to work with you.

I don't have any credit. What should I provide?
If you have utility bills, cell phone, DWP, cable and gas company and other monthly payments, you may submit most recent consecutive online statements or e-statements up to a year as evidence of your payment history. And you may submit your monthly rent cancelled checks, direct transfer to your landlord, money orders, or any other form of your rent payments for up to last 12 months.

I am self employed and I don’t have proof of income.
We consider your online bank statements or e-statements as proof of income. Please download and forward/email your online bank statements. Do not cover, do not highlight, do not combine, do not erase and do not alter or change anything on those documents.

I don’t have all the documents to provide at this time. Could I fill out the application with what I have?
Yes, please provide what you have now and we will try to work with you.

I don’t want you to contact my landlord or my employer at this time.
We respect your privacy and honor your request. Make sure to write your request in your application.

I don’t have all the money for last month rent or security deposit. May I make an arrangement and make monthly payments?
Yes, we will try to work with you.

I am receiving disability income, what should I provide?
We need copy of your check or bank statements showing monthly deposits and we need to know if this income is temporary or permanent. You should provide some paperwork in that regard.

May I email my application and supporting documents?
Please email through gmail or secure/encrypted account and email to workingtogether@gmail.com. To email, you may copy and paste the entire application to your email or in a Microsoft Word document, save/print the application and email it to us as an attachment. Please save/print the application in one of the following formats: .htm .html .doc .docx .xps .pdf .jpg or .tif and make sure the emailed application is not blank. Call our office if you have any questions.

After submitting my application, should I stop looking for another rental, am I approved and do I receive the key?
We recommend you look for and apply for few rental properties. You are not approved yet and you don't receive the key till you have signed the lease agreement and paid your rent and security deposit.

What form of payments do you accept at the time of singing the agreement and after I move in?
Upon signing the agreement we only accept cashier's check and thereafter for your monthly rent payments can be via direct deposit instruction through our site www.adoringHome.com. Check with our office to transfer funds.

Do you accept pets?
We are pet friendly property Management Company and we understand caring for and marinating your pet is important to you, but we are also familiar with potential problems and damages associated with pets. We may require additional pet rent, pet's deposit and renters insurance if we feel your pet may damage or may disturb the property or the neighbors. If you hardly could pay your monthly rent, having a pet may compel us to decline your application. If you consider moving-in without your pet, please let us know.

Waive or reduce your security deposit by providing as much as the following items.
Every applicants photo ID, Proof of Current Income and old income if less than two years at current job, including disability income or SSI, Business cards, work email address, Resume, letter of explanation if unemployed or disabled, present rental agreement and prior rental agreement if less than two years, letter of recommendation from your landlords, proof of available funds to move in, current auto registration and proof of auto insurance, recent notices to or from your landlord, complete health and safety records of your pets; birth and adoption record, up-to-date registration, spay/neutered/unaltered licenses, rabies, vaccinations, flea preventative documents, current pictures of your pet, policy of renters insurance, your credit report if you have it, explanation of any derogatory accounts. To verify your address and evidence of your monthly payments, submit your utility bills, water, electric, gas, phone and cable, monthly rent cancelled checks or money orders, or direct deposit/transfers. We reserve the right to substantiate your documents, $25 to process your application ( No personal check please ) and be honest about your situation doesn't matter how bad it is because we will try to work with you, but we have to deny your application if you misrepresent or lie to us.

Providing all these documents may seem like much to apply, but I am sure that you will appreciate if your next door unit was vacant and we would go through rigorous search to make sure you are going to have a quiet, reasonable, reliable and trustworthy neighbor. We will try our best to have you approved with whatever documents you have available and to get our tenants the quality neighbors so we could all enjoy our lasting relationships.

We thank you for the opportunity to serve you and looking forward for a friendly, enjoyable and cooperative landlord, tenant relationship. We strive to provide a happy and comfortable home for you and yours. Please let us know how we could improve our services.

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