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Sample Letter of Recommendation From Landlord or Property Manager

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This is to verify tenancy of Mr. Tenant and Ms. Occupant and their two children for location of 123 Main Street, Unit 5, Los Angeles, CA 90010. Mr. and Mrs. Tenant last monthly rent was $3,200 that was paid on time on first of March.2023. They have been our tenant since February 1, 2021, shown to be responsible and monthly rents were paid every first day of the month. We show only two late charges, but both rents were paid and defaults were cured within first 10 days of the month.

There has been no complaint from neighbors and they have kept their unit and surrounding area clean. We anticipate full refund of their security deposit amount of $4,500 within 21 days of their final move out date.

The rental property on 123 Main Street is a 20 unit apartment building and our on-site manger Juan (213-456-7890) lives next door to Mr. Renter and Mrs. Lessee; and he has been especially pleased since they are very respectful, friendly, cooperative and helpful.

There has never been any major complaint or unnecessary demands from the resident.

Mr. and Mrs. Tenant's dog has been quiet, clean with no complaint from neighbors.

We have not served Mr. and Mrs. Tenants any notice to move or any other legal notices since they have been our tenant. On or about February 1, 2023 we have received a properly executed notice to move-out from them and their reason for their move is their need for a larger unit. We are sorry that we don't have a three bedroom home available to offer at this time.

Our office hours are 9 am to 6 pm Sunday through Friday and I will be glad to answer any other question you may have.

Landlord, Tom House
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Lessor's phone number

It is helpful to provide as much as the following information. Tenants’ name, number of occupants, date of occupancy, tenants’ character, how clean is the unit and surrounding area, any problem with neighbors, any relationship with landlord, number of pets and any possible problem, amount of monthly rent, number of late payments, reason for moving out, any legal notices, tenants reasonableness to fix and cooperativeness, any loud noise or disturbance, any damage to the property and if you expect to return full deposit, general comments and if you accept this tenant back should you have any vacancy?

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